pic: Gotta dance at NYC Regional

Ah… gotta do the dance.

Ahhhh, yes. Gotta go the dance, even if you’re DRAGGED out there.
Like I was!

Good times y’all!

You’re a good sport Lib! We all did it just so that everyone on the field could say OMG I danced with Libby Kamen!!! Thanks for having fun out there and getting the little kids to come out and dance with us.

On a side note thank you to all of NY for getting up on your feet and joining the party, I’ve never seen this regional so spirited in the 5 years that I’ve been attending.


Ah Libby…half the fun of dancing was the comments we passed back and forth while doing so…now THERE’S entertainment.

All I have to say is I’m glad we dragged George out onto the field, because now no one can see me! :smiley:

Ooh Sara…you pulled the “let’s use the fat guy with the shiny hair as a distraction” ploy…well played…but don’t worry…I’ll get even in Philly mwahahaha.