pic: gotta go fast?

I just got bored and though I might spend my after noon making this instead of playing Overwatch.

The PDP only has 16 slots, right?

If those are RS775s, OP’s in the clear.

I think your main breaker deserves an apology.

Is there an FRC overwatch discord or something? If not there really needs to be.

There’s the FRC Gaming discord (linked in #resources on the main one) but it’s not very active.

He spent so much time trying to figure out of he could, he never stopped to ask if he should.

I see 32 motors? So 4200 A stall current? Huh.

Somewhat surprisingly, you could run it almost with something like this: https://www.napaonline.com/en/p/NBCCJP700 . For a short time.

You should design a full robot with these gearboxes. Name it Mundo, because Mundo goes where Mundo pleases.

Combining this with the poohbear drivetrain is an automatic win :rolleyes:

The link for those who haven’t heard of it:

Introducing: the shaft snap or gear shear 3000. Only one way to find out which it is…

If the OP does this, it might be his effort to “Keep Austin Weird”.

Did you find a spare Tesla battery pack or something? :smiley:

But only for a very, very short time…

post files of it on grabcad or it’s fake

Obviously, the fourth cluster of motors is overkill. Anybody with any FRC experience knows that three of those clusters would be plenty for most games /s.

can you upload CAD files of this? i am thinking about making one just for lulz