pic: Grabbed the 10 point ball in automode

Here is a picture of the TechnoKat robot after it just grabbed the 10 point ball in automode. You can barely see the yellow ball in the base. Also, this is a good picture of our pit crew and camera man/software engineer in the background, cheering.

During driver mode, the ball was tranferred to our HP, Devin. He shot the ball right away, it scored, and the crowd went wild.

Wow, im like about to fall down in the back there… Steve, Nick, Alan and I were jumping up and down because we finally got the claw to work…

That was awesome though!

Was that the only time that a 10 point ball got grabbed and actually used? that was also the time that we ended up with the high score (230) was it not? Congrats by the way!

We got one in during a Newton Qualifying match.

I looked down, and saw one sitting on the field (dunno how it got there) so I told our driver to corrall it in. Our HP Mikey tossed it right up, and the crowd went nuts.

Newton Match 26