pic: Grabber and Trolley

This is the grabber and Trolley from the year’s Forklift lifter. The trolley, with the grabber and a pneumatic tilter attached, are hauled up and down the extension by a rack and pinion system.


Looks great 753!
How much is left to be assembled?
I love, great work guys! (I’ll try and be back before 10:00 PM tonight)
Is the grabber glued yet?

Yeah jake, the grabber and trolley are completely done. did you see the other picture with the forklift extended. the encoder and banebot are mounted.

how exactly does it tilt i dont really understand how thats working and we are trying to get our arm to do the same thing but its not working

There is a pneumatic piston mounted at the top of the grabber and when it is fired, it pushes out on the pvc at the base, tilting it up. I can try to post another picture sometime soon.

Sweet! Great job guys, I’m trying to see if I can mentor a team in McMinnvile right now!
Way to go!

Thanks your system wont work for us but you did give us an idea that might.