pic: Great Lakes Regional Pits

Pits at GLR, the main area anyway.

oooooooo, ooooooo I can see my pit!!! Good times…

looks like a very cramped pit area for 63 teams!

I was thinking, “Wow, I’m sure glad we had those spacious pits at Portland.”

Thats really only about half of all the pits (the on the other half of the arena floor from the field), most of the rest is in the auxiliary gym, and a few more in a storage area.

HEY! There I am!

Haha, I see 279!

Yeah, that’s only one pit, like Philmont said. The other pit is a bit bigger, and a little more spacious. Although much hotter in there too.

That looks dangerously crowded. I couldn’t imagine what would happen if there was a major emergency.

PNW’s a little smaller tournament (46 teams this year), but it has a canaverous exhibit hall room for the pits. There was enough room for all the teams to have a 10x10, plus a VEX sample competition (but not the official FIRST Vex field), a FLL field, a full Aim High half field, and two center-goal only test fields. Plus, the machine-shop trailer was brought into the pits hall, and there is a snack bar in the pits. The only real drawback is that the pits are a 100-yard (or so) walk from the arena, which is the Portland Trailblazer’s old stadium.

You’d be suprised… I was at that event two years ago, and there was actually quite a bit of space around the pits as long as the team didnt expand their pit areas into the aisle, which pretty much every team is guilty of doing from time to time.

My team was a little crowded, but that was mostly because we were all the way up against the bleachers, and surrounded by relatively large teams, such as chief delphi. Most of the team is in the picture, on the right side in maroon shirts. We had about 12 people from the team at the competion.

Though the bleachers made an excellent coatrack.