pic: Green Light

After staying until about 11:00 last night, we finally got this up! Enjoy!

Did you test it with a CMUCam yet? How does it work compared to the old green-board check?

The light doesn’t look as evenly distrubuted in that box as they did during kickoff.

Still, that looks like a nice lock for the camera.

I too would like to know how the camera performs with this lighting condition. Anybody try it yet?

Does anyone know if we are allowed to use the cathodes to “pimp our bots”. I know its a little early in the building stage but…

I think that falls under the category of intentionally disrupting the CMU cam.

I’ve used the CMU cam and the labview software that goes with it, and it manages to track the florcescent lights on the ceiling very nicely indeed. As for the green ones, I am almost 100% sure that they will work much better than the vision tetras from last year.

However don’t let this stop you, I’m pimping the heck out of our robot but im disconnecting the lights for game play.

We are having trouble finding the labview project that goes with the CMU Cam2. Where do we pick that up?

Look here

Thats is lovely that you got it up there and this green light is very awsome for this years game. But now you guys just need to get a RED light and play GREEN LIGHT RED LIGHT LMAO!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

We’ve curretnly just tested the light with the camera, it does a great job of following the light! We’ve had no problems so far with the prototyping.

Why not pimp your cart instead?

A robot inspector who knows what they are doing, and wants to keep things fair will make you take them off anyways. It doesn’t matter what your intentions are.

May as well just put them on your cart.

I don’t see why if they are disconnected during match but if it is an issue you can always Velcro down the bulbs for easy removal. Before it gets asked, the reason I’m willing to go through the trouble is because I have some really cool lights on hand that Ive been dieing to use. I kind of groaned when I saw the rules on no lights. :frowning:

Yes they will tell you that you are not allowed to have them on during the game autonomous portion of the match because of the CMU cams I speak from experience, our robot from last year had blue lights and we were not allowed to have the on during the autonomous even though the tetras were green.

The middle part of the tetras where indeed green, but they were expecting some auto modes to possibly use the yellow, blue and red triangles on the ground.

Is it just me or it the wood a little of center to the light? That might have an influnce on you scoreing. as in, being a little off center.