pic: Green Machine Competition - Coolest Water Bottle EVER! (Closed)

This is what makes it the coolest water bottle ever, after you empty it’s contents out, you can fold it up to be about 1" thick. Coolest kit part I’ve seen in ages

These seem to have almost as much time sapping potential as the poof balls. :D:yikes::smiley:

May I ask what the “exact” name of the company is, and the product ID number? Collapsible, small, sealing (without a cap to lose)- sounds like something perfect for camping to me! I like it!

I don’t get it. Is someone trying to claim this design as their own brand new one??

Because I have def. seen this design before for a water bottle I think.

What’s the story behind this Conor??

So we opened up the kit, and found this strange looking piece of plastic with a bottle top, none of us had ever seen it before, so one of the freshmen poped it open and low and behold a water bottle. None of us had seen a drinking device to date that looked that cool then again it’s me and 3 other freshmen and a sophomore working on it so we haven’t seen everything. After talking with a few people (particularly Kelli) turns out they are a whole lot more popular than we thought.

I can’t quite find it, but I found something even better… a Collpasible Nalgene Bottle

Drinking Optimus Prime Style