pic: Green Machine Competition - Coolest Water Bottle EVER! (Open)

Part of the kit we received was the coolest water bottle ever, it’s official kit job is to hold deionized (not distilled!) water for the reaction, but we just like playing around with it.

Shouldn’t that be deionized water, not distilled water?

Yeap, my bad I was ironing before I posted it

Conor, from my experience with those water bottles (we get them at Columbia all the time) you may want to invest in another bottle. The bottles I have had are easially punctured at the point where they fold. It is a cool bottle for drinking, not so cool for holding an important piece of your green machine competition.

If you use something else be concious of what material it is. That bottle is included in the kit for a reason.

Well we could always use some proper lab equipment for holding liquids and use the bottle for those long work sessions