pic: Green Paint Bomb?

A quick preview of our chassis. To give you an idea of size, the robot is about 21 inches wide and 25 inches deep. I guess those electrical guys like the green lights to see, or could it be part of our theme?

Our team used some of the green lights from last year on the bottem of our OI.

Is it the angle or are those 3" CIMs?

Maybe I’m just going crazy, but are the wheels in the right corners?

That was my first thought… I’m definitely thinking those wheels are on backwards.

They seem to be using the “O” configuration instead of the “X” configuration. Unless the other set of wheels is switched, they’re fine.

Nice Borg chassis you have there. :smiley:

awsome chassis&lights

It must be the angle, they are in fact 2.5" CIM Motors. They are mounted to individual suspension assemblies

You are correct. This was the first configuration we’ve tried and they first one we saw online. We might switch them later if we have time.

I believe that the wheels are indeed mounted in the wrong orientation. The roller that contacts the ground (opposite of the ones we can see) is at 90 degrees to the ones visible on top. To avoid being spun in circles by other robots, the rollers which contact the ground must have their sub-axles (the roller axles) arranged in an O shape. The reason I suspect these are reversed is that we are looking at the top of the wheels and it looks like they are set up correctly, but if you follow the rollers around underneath you’ll notice the roller axles are at 90 degrees from those on top that we can see. The issue with the current setup is that the robot has no rotational traction, if another robot were to hit the robot on a corner, it would spin around [relatively] freely with little or no ability for the driver to compensate. Along the same lines, you will also have trouble rotating in place using the drive motors.

very nice. however it looks like it’s nuclear powered though!:eek:

Thats not really an air compressor, its the nuclear reactor in disguise.

I agree with “Andy L” on the CIMS, They do look like 3"ers. (but I guess it could just be a small bot…) Those are pretty sweet lights.
That compressor is mounted kinda high on the chassis (no offense intended)… On your bot does the compressor make more noise up there???
Ours has always been mounted closer to the ground.

The compressor barely makes any noise. It’s now mounted to metal instead of wood, and cushioned by a couple rubber washers on each bolt so it’s extremely quiet. This is our first year using pneumatics so we have had fun experimenting with them.