pic: Greeting the governor

As part of her visit to the Michigan State Fair, Jennifer Granholm made a visit to the new Science/Technology Building where several FIRST teams were on display. Representatives from the ThunderChickens (217) and the Juggernauts (1) where there to greet her and talk for a little bit.

What is that thunderchickens-esque sheet metal thing to the bottom right of the governor?

Also, with 1,33 and 217 there (who else?) that’s a lot of pretty robot for the governor.

That “sheet metal thing” is our prototype robot that we used to test our wings on… the story of the ThunderChicken lifter wings is a long one, and ended with us taking them off of our competition bot for good. The protoype “wing bot” never actually saw a competition, but it’s a good demonstration of our lifter concept.

As for the bots, those 3 teams were the only ones there today. 469 brought their bot last Saturday and Gail was there today to see the gov, but their bot wasn’t.

grant ftw :smiley: