pic: Greg and Sam arm wrestling

A bunch of us went bowling, and we decided to have a little arm wrestling contest. I don’t think Sam fared nearly as well as Amanda did vs. Woodie, but she gets credit because she’s a lefty.

That’s just awesome…

You’re just missing one thing…JVN!

Do I see photoshop in the near future? lol.

Doesn’t look like you’re trying that hard there Greg…

Does that foresee a Woodie vs Greg Finals Match…?

C’mon, Sam shoulda used the age old method of winning an arm-wrestle against a stronger opponent, tell a corny joke! Something like “Why did Dave Lavery go to Mars? To get the biggest reddest pimp-mobile in all the solar system.” That is such a stupid and non-funny joke that th opponent is dumbfounded as to why you’d tell it, them BLAM in their moment of weakness you slam their arm down for the win!