Pic: Greg And The Beast


The Roobot Over Heard Greg Saying We Had To Ship It And It Got Upset…

Probably got word of what Greg did to his first battlebot and was negotiating terms to it’s future existance.

well at least he has his safety goggles on…and hey i go to that school!

Did Greg’s head bend the metal?

It’s like one of those games where you put in a quarter and try to grab a stuffed animal.

haha lol well i hope your alright man

The claw. The claw decides our fate…

Haha thats awsome Ed!

Now you know what happens when you don’t give the robot enough oil…

It’s great to see 73 back again and having some fun - Greg has been the driving force from all the political and logistical challenges they have at that school.

hm. I think that this is quite contagious, as one of our mentors as well as one of our captains have been seen in very similar pictures as this.http://d5robotics.org/Content/Full/428.jpg

But anyway. Coincidence? That’s up to you!

( Okay, it’s not very safe. But at least he’s wearing safety glasses. )

This begs the questions: Has anyone seen Greg lately, or did the robot take him with it into the crate?

Well he was posting on the site earlier today.
Or has the robot learned to post on CD!
Cue drtamatic score!

I sure hope he is not in the crate.
We need him here week 3.
Actually, this is how he looks when he is in announcing mode-hands waving, mouth open, trying to seamlessly work all those inside jokes into the play-by-play…

So thats what happens when Greg spends too much time on VEX. I guess the FRC robot gets really jealous

no I managed to get away pete, just barely…

I think this picture went something like this:

Jared:hey greg put your head in the claw so I can get a picture
Greg: Okay…
Jared:haha now the world will see that Greg is just a toy from a vending machine.

How much does that brain go on sale for?:stuck_out_tongue:

greg!!! i really do like ur bot this year especially the arm motion, u will have to show it to me at FLR. and yeah i have been in that room too!

Greg -

I know you’ve had robots on the brain, but this is ridiculous!


Gotta love FIRST mom’s. 500 miles away & she can still mom you.

Nice work this year Greg. You rock.