pic: Group 1 Design

I like it.
No articulation of the collector though, right? Pretty solid design.

Are bumpers going to be an issue?

That’s an awesome CAD design :ahh:

Just a quick question: your shooter seems to be using CIM Motors to drive the ball out. Our team tried using CIM motors for the shooter with 4 in wheels but did not get great results in term of distance traveled by the ball. Did your team test the shooting mecanism with the CIM motors? If so, did the ball travel far?

Really neat and clean design.

One question: Bumpers- How are you mounting them?

I really like your design, but how are you planning on moving your mechanism with the window motor? How high does it go? What are you planning to use it for?

Looks pretty sweet! But, like a couple others are asking: are bumpers going to be a problem?

So…This isn’t our actual design. This was one of three designs that we presented to our community at the end of week 1. The community felt that we were sacrificing too much and dedicating ourselves to shooting with this design and sort of rejected it.

As for the shooter, we are currently using 2 mini - cims and plan on shooting from a dedicated spot on the field. Testing using our prototype has been relatively reliable.

We are also now focused on scoring in the low goal. For that our prototype works really well.


My team also used CIM motors, and we were able to get it in the high goal from about 15 feet away.

Thanks for the reply. Our team actually tried using the CIM motors again afterwards and got good results. I think the spacing between the motors was too big to properly transfer the motion :o