pic: Group Picture

(From Left to Right)
Mike Walker 21, Dan 710, Ryan 710, George Wallace 1083 in back, Mr. Pell 1083, Tytus Gerrish 179, Andrew Rudolph 1083

Fun picture from the “Unofficial Social” held by 1083 with all the FloridaFIRST founders, and at the same time a group of people who all got together and just joked around the whole weekend :slight_smile:

Mike looks zany, Dan looks angry, Ryan looks happy, I look like a hobbit, Nathan looks nervous, Tytus looks like he’s plotting the demise of the camera man, and Andrew looks like he just wet himself.


I have to admit, I love that picture. I think it’s probably my second favorite group photo (coming in behind “ChiefDelphi in a Steak & Shake” from IRI last year)

Oh man i was the cameraman in this one. i think

hey I didnt wet myself…looks down…No i didnt, but i was suprised!

mmm good times at the bowling alley

:was plotting demise of cameraman:… :has been found out: BLAST!!! Foiled AGAin!