pic: Group picture


Neha and I met up with some NERDs at FIRE and ICE. Great times…

I think Andy has a “excited camera face”.

While I don’t have the images to back it up right now. I would definately agree with this statement from Jeff.

Ouch Andy! I didn’t think it was possible to bend someone’s leg like that. :yikes:

Yay Fire and Ice. Definitely one of the tastiest restaurants ever.

Only if you realize your food needs to be cooked before you bring it back from the buffet… :ahh:

Been there, learned that. :stuck_out_tongue:

For some strange reason, I’m not really surprised by this… :wink:

that’s why we have wonderful tour guides to tell us what to do =)

Arefin and NERDS definitely not good. Run Neha !!!

Haha good pic guys. See everyone around.


Here’s another one to add to the “excited camera face” pile…