pic: GRR Twins 2008

GRR Twins 2008.
340’s Zella on the left weighing in at a svelte 100 lbs.
424’s Ronny on the right.
Both looking forward to the Finger Lakes Regional.

Looking good as always G.R.R.! I do miss being with those teams over there. I like the names of the robot, and how they create a pun. I can not wait see all of you again at the Finger Lakes Regional! Good luck! :yikes:

looks like you guys must have gotten a deal on those hockey sticks last year. Looks great guys good luck at FLR and I’ll see you in Atlanta.

VERY nice guys, see you in a little over 2 weeks!!!

Looks awesome. Great job GRR

Great ideas! :
Love to hear how you do.

I think GRR again tunred out two great robots. Our vetran team worked hard on perfecting the design and it’s paid off, While the rookie team learned a lot and produced a great robot that they sohuld be proud of.

looks great!
Haha - we put up our practice field in our high school’s band room too.

Twins? Must be fraternal.

Of Course:)

you know much like http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showthread.php?t=54760&highlight=grr+twins
last year. :slight_smile:

2 teams in every school!

Both look like they compliment each other very well. Would love to see video of both of them tag-teaming.

We don’t have any right now, lost the video camera. Check back after FLR, we should have some then…

Nice looking bots, guys!

Looking forward to Overdriving with you at FLR!

Sweet!! I don’t know how you guys do it! 340 looked great at Rally and they stayed the same shape as last year! I like to call it the GRRgon. :stuck_out_tongue:

Good luck guys!

From what I heard you guys looked pretty sweet also. Only a couple of weeks.

GRRgon might be my new favorite word. Thanks for the compliments, you guys looked great at Rally as well. Best of luck to you at FLR and who knows, maybe we’ll be able to play a few matches together.

Cant wait to see both of them in action in 2 weeks!