pic: GRR Twins 2009

340 & 424 robots for 2009.
340’s currently unnamed robot has floor or human loading with a turreted shooter.
424 robot “Oscar”. Has human loading with a turreted hopper & blurfer.

Good luck this year & see you at FLR & Championship (340).

Thank you for posting this. I felt bad leaving so early. You’re a trouper. :slight_smile:

looks good guys, Good luck at FLR, and we hope to see you in atlanta

Great job GRR! I cant wait to see everyone at FLR! Good luck!

Two great looking robots. Nice shooter on 340 there Jason. :wink:

Nice looking bots…they better be the reason why you guys weren’t at Rally :stuck_out_tongue:

I can’t wait for FLR! I think we have two competetive robots that we all have worked very hard on. Thanks for the kind words everyone!

The fraternal twins have never looked better!
See you all at FLR!

(you need to name 340 “Felix” ;))

Very nice, Jason! Congrats to all members of GRR. Sorry MOE couldn’t be there this year. I’m sure FLR will be yet another competitive and fun event!

you could always just send us one of your student?
but, they are always so helpful and inspiring!!

thanks to all for the nice remarks.


Why felix?

after felix wankel ???

woot for engine nerds

And I have no idea how I knew that.

Man you guys are young. You never heard of the TV show “The Odd Couple”?
Felix and Oscar?

…man … anyone see my teeth and cane?:smiley:

They look very nice.

Was 424 going to originally have floor pickup?

No, we just wanted a place to help capture opposing trailers & robots.

How about 330?

Looks like you’ve got a pair of aces there! Good luck to you guys at FLR, I’m sorry I won’t be there to see them in person.

Take Care,