pic: GRR twins

Here they are the GRR twins.

Obviously they’re fraternal.
The rookie bot worked nicely at the Rally (I’ll upload the video sometime today).

hmm, sweet looking bots guys.

Nice rack.

The team and sponsor identification on the spider feet are a nice touch too.

Hey GRR, Great job on your robots! I saw them in action at the rochester rally and they worked really well. Good luck and see you guys at FLR!

Awesome job by both teams this year, we will see everyone at FLR. Thanks for the comments guys!

Collaboration is the spirit of FIRST. Nice work.

can kinda say that, they are both form one HS.

hey i know these guys and i love the robots you guys did great…

Here’s some GRR action at the Penfield event

Thank you for all of your comments! It was awesome to be able to mentor a team of just rookies. I got to stand back, and let their crazy imaginations take over. They built an awesome robot! Thanks again! See you at FLR!

GRR 340’s mechanism(got to see it in action)is great for picking up on the fly and GRR 424’s lifts get their tubes up there fast! both are great robots this year

Thanks for the video Ed. Sorry we didn’t score. :cool: Our lift mechanism was breaking, but it’s fixed now. :]

Great minds think alike. Good Luck

Here is the link to the rookie robot action. Thank you Koko Ed for the video!

Not a collaboration, our highschool just happens to have 2 teams. They didn’t even brainstorm together.


We brainstormed the game together. But when it came down to the design of the robots, we brainstormed separately. It was such a cool experience!

I love that video, mainly because it involves me driving up a ramp. :smiley:

Nice, they seemed to work pretty well!

Cant wait to see them over the next few days.