pic: GRRolling Lunatecs: The Blue Alliance

One of the best team alliances I have ever been apart of. Good luck to 316 in Philly and 340 in Champs.


Thanks 1511 and 316 for making our run to the finals one of my most memorable FIRST experiences!:slight_smile:

:smiley: Definitely Amazing…It was great working with both teams 340 and 1511. Thanks for a great start to my senior year!!!:smiley:


This picture reminds me why I like FLR so much- all the great teams there. Thanks to those folks who posted links to the online live feed, I got to watch some of the final matches. Good luck to all and 316- we’ll see you in Philly!

LOL - all I can see of myself is the rosy glow of my very bald head off in the upper right. It was a blast working with you all. Good luck to our alliance partners - hope to team up with you again in Atlanta! We’re off to Chesapeake


Congrats to team 340, 1115, and 316! You guys proved to be a powerful alliance and worked hard till the end! Congrats on being FLR finalists!:slight_smile:

Climbing from 7th to 2nd proved to be sooooooo much fun!!! :slight_smile:
Thanks 340 & 316!!

Congrats to 340, 1511, 316 for becoming finalist. It was amazing watching you guys during the competitions. Best of luck to all of you at Champs and wherever else you may end up this year :slight_smile:


Dear Team 340,

354 misses you and loves you. we are very proud.
Stay frosty.

Yours truly,
Michael Vilarelle

Dear Team 354,

We love you guys too and we missed you at FLR these past two years. Please find your way back in 2010. :slight_smile:


:slight_smile: We had so much fun working with 1511 and 340!! This is definitely a year to remember with joy :slight_smile:

Dear 340,

I’m doing everything I can to be at Fingerlakes in 2010, even if it means 354/2681 not attendind NYC :ahh: or maybe you guys should do NYC?! l’ll have my people call your people. ((i’ll call you later))


If they aren’t the same weekend I’d be up to that. We’ll know more after Championship.