pic: GRT Competition Giveaways


We brought a few of these Turner Cubes to SVR this year to give to our elimination alliance partners (604 and 2073). We left them on our table for display along with a few other show pieces up until eliminations, but unfortunately one of the cubes was stolen before Saturday (another cube was stolen at Chesapeake as well).

Wow, now that’s a bummer! We would love to have received that, it’s awesome!

BTW, I know I speak fro my entire team when I say, playing with GRT was a true honor. Win or lose, we would love to do it again.

Great idea to give these out! Where’d you get them?

I made them on our CNC mill from some scrap steel bar we had.

Sad to hear.
Next time chain them down.

Sad to hear that you’ve discovered a way to make steel “fly” away. If anyone else is inspired to see how this machinist’s standard is made, check this link for some instructions. I found the lathe method quite interesting.