pic: GT Invention Studio's new Maxiem waterjet

Georgia Tech’s invention studio acquired a new Maxiem waterjet. The Invention Studio is a makerspace for students to work on research, personal projects, or commercial products for startups.

Sunny G and I have been cutting parts on the old Omax 2626 waterjet for 1648. This new Maxiem Waterjet has a 5’ x 5’ cutting space. I’m excited to be able to cut much larger pieces, maybe even drivetrain plates and structure or framing for 1648. Hopefully we can diversify our material usage and expand our design possibilities with access to this new machine!

Besides the A-Jet, did you get any other accessories? Water-level control perhaps?

The new Maxiem line is not only going to provide you better performance, it also looks a lot better too (I might be biased though, since I worked on it :P)

The only accessory we got was the A-jet. We’re using the stock water pump and water level control (the one downside to the machine is the amount of time it takes to raise and lower the water level!). Cutting smaller parts on this machine is a little bit more of a hassle because of the larger cutting area, so we have to over-clamp small parts to ensure there’s no skipping.

Also, this machine definitely looks better than our old omax, and is quieter, makes more accurate cuts, and is quicker!

Approximately how much does this cost? I may be in the market for something like this in the not too distant future. You can PM me if you’d rather not post it. Thanks.

I will have to come down and see it or try it out one day!

This specific machine was $140,000 after the grants and educational discounts were applied. The A-jet add on was $6,000.