pic: GTR QTR-Finals

Team 4 Element taking and not letting go of the ramp while 703 tries to get on there and score the bunch load as usual!

Yea I remember that match. Hey does anyone have a picture of us going on the ramp in auto mode in the first quaterfinal match?

I have some video of the matches which I will try and get up this weekend.

Okay for those that weren’t at GTR what makes this picture so great is that this is at the end of automode.

Team 4 autonomously climbed the ramped.
Team 703 tried to climb the ramp, but hit team 4 and rolled back down the ramp missing all but 1 or 2 of there shots.

It was even better than this.

Team 4’s robot didn’t arrive at the GTR until late on Friday. The team was competing using a kitbot they built on Thursday. They only played on qualifying match with their original robot. So going into the eliminations rounds, very few people new what to expect from them. (Obviously the scouts from 217 & 229 had an idea, great pick guys…)

All weekend long, 703 was scoring balls at will. They were the highest scoring team at the regional, even ahead of 1114. The key to there success was being on top of the ramp. If left undefended, 703 could easily score 30+ balls in a match, starting with 10 in autonomous mode. To stop 703 you needed to get someone up on the ramp before them.

So, at the start of this match most people were expecting 4 to take a run at 703 in auto, to try and knock them off course. Well, the crowd was in for a surprise when Team 4 drove straight up the ramp and into the spot where 703 wanted to be. The sheer speed that 4 moved with was just amazing. The crowd went wild, as they realized they were in for a treat. The intensity level jumped about three notches after that moment, and stayed up there for the remainder of the afternoon.

That was definitely one of the coolest moments that I’ve witnessed at a FIRST competition.

KARTHIK!!! That had to be the best explanation of any part of a match ive ever read, EVER! It gave me the chills when i read the thing! I remember the second I saw that happen, I SCREAMED and Jumped out of my chair, along with the rest of the team and crowd. Intense :yikes:

I believe so. Look under the members area>FIRST Robotics>Alex Cormier on www.robotphotos.org

The same thing happen at Buckeye when the #6 aliance sent 1018 to hit them on the ramp. It was SF match 2, after the Kil-o-Bytes had broken and couldn’t play. It was an excellent strategy. 1018 stopped them in auto and 141 sat the whole match on the ramp.