pic: Guess the Bot.

“What’s My Line” or in this case- Guess the Bot!
Since the 2004 game has many of the elements from 2000, I been going thru my scrap books of amazing robots from year 2000. I found this many and here is one of them. So guess who’s robot this is.
Hint: the team number has two digits only.

something from 2000 - no police lights this year :stuck_out_tongue:

This was the Bell Atlantic or Nynex machine. I think they were with Quincy at the time.

The lead engineer was David Assano (spelling) if Memory serves.

In fact, an interesting point, the “robot reset” button on the OI is called the “Assano Button” by the folks at Innovation First because it was David who suggested that this would be a good feature.

Joe J.

I believe that is team # 19’s entry to the 2000 season. I don’t remember for sure though

Yeah you are right according to firstrobotics.net