pic: guess what did that

this is a picture of the Chatsworth preship scrimmage that i have wanted to upload for a while

our autonoumous code had a problem causing us to drive out to far before deploying our arm, our arm grabbed part of the center goal and the end result is clear

fortunatly we suffered no damage

You know how I can tell this was Chatsworth? Because the picture is bright ORANGE. Yay Chatsworth high lighting :slight_smile:

Ah the fond memories of emceeing…(i’m in orange and purple)…and watching an entire goal get toppled.

wow, Im impressed! :ahh:

Hey, I remember that. Yeah it was at Chattsworth. One of the robots there was in autonomous mode. It went out doing its arm up and down and lifted up the center goal and tipped it over. It was the robot to the right in the pic.

That was one of the coolest moments of the day.

wow, now thats funny. I heard about it from other people, but i didn’t belive them, im so silly :ahh: :eek:

wow now that is an impressive feat!!! :smiley: congratulations on your amazing accomplishment!! (whoever did it)

i notice that theres no bottom to the center goal…where like tons of velcro was put soo id say poor velcro-ing led to this lol it look cool though, kinda surprised the refs didnt shut down the bot before it tipped the goal.

that’s kinda crazy…but cool…nice duct tape :stuck_out_tongue:

We made the goal before FIRST changed it so that was what we had to work with.

i have a question what team almost crushed someone from our team at the pre ship , they went over by the auto load zone

We’ve been known for things like that in the past :smiley: but at this years preship we only played half of one match so I doubt it was us.

Hey, ya that was us, Team 1138, at the Pre-ship Scrimmage at Chatsworth. It was pretty cool watching from the operator’s station. The reason why that happened was because in our programming, we used dead reckoning in hope of picking up a tetra (if we were lucky) and placing it on the center goal. We almost scored a goal this way on the practice field at Atlanta, but didn’t have much luck during competition. But ya, thanks for remembering that and I hope to see some of the Southern California teams down at San Diego Lock-In.