pic: Guess what i get to do the night before own first regional??

Rebuilding the gearboxes onces again.

Damn Bane bot!!

ha ha… at least your team got the new ones… we sure didn’t.

That looks like fun…

I did those a few weeks ago. They aren’t that bad (take 15 minutes apiece tops…) If anyone at UTC needs help doing this, I am more than happy to assist. Don’t ask how the programmer got stuck with this job…


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Ow. I feel your pain. I had to do that about 6 times total, plus cleaning in acetone. We accidentally dropped the gearbox while it was open…

Those Banebot Trasmissions are nothing compared to the andy-mark last year KOP style transmissions if you un do the four corner screws the whole transmission falls apart. im not bashing there great and it really made it easy to change out the motors (8 times):ahh: but great pic and it sounds like fun right before a regional.