pic: Guess what those are for?

tell me what those are for.

Multiple autonomous modes. Looks like what we will have :wink:

Adding weight? - try to get your hands on something like this:

Looks good! Definitely the way to go rather than scrambling to load code at the last minute.

2^7 = 128 auto modes? I think we used 3 switches and had more than enough… And although this looks very nice when its on your robot, it is probably a lot more weight than necessary, I’d go with fox46’s suggestion of buying a little dip switch. Same functionality but maybe 30 times lighter (dont hold me to that. just a guess)

Why don’t you just have options on the driver station which the drivers can select before the game starts?

bringing pistons and motors down at the end in some legal fashion?

Are those going to become something for the different peg heights?

my team is also trying to do this do you by chance know how to program something like this in Java? and possibly how to wire them?