pic: Guess what we finnally did?


Yeah…so some teammates and i were talking and we think the build period should be extended to about…ummm, how long did it take us? oh yeah, six months…LOL, j/k. We realized the faults, and now we have learned for next year. At least we will have a good chance at a scrimmage! Woohoo! Here we come Fall Classic!

OMG Your robot hangs! Finally! I thought I would never see the day. Congrats. We were going to improve ours but decided instead that we would make up a new game for ourselves and build two new competing robots. It is called Chuck the Puck and should be very exciting. We start designing one hour from now. I let you know all about it once there is something to show.

As for the Fall Classic, it should be quite a duel! I look forward to it! Hopefully my team will let me drive one last time.

Go 294! :cool: It’s awesome to see it working, didn’t get a chance to at AZ… better late than never, right? :]

Congrads you guys!!! it’s nice when things finally work!!

good job and keep up the good work!!!

ROTFLMAO so lesse…6 months…that means we have to start building our robot in October so it’ll be perfect for competition hmmm… lol

Can’t really see in the pic but are you still using those hooks that resemble anchors?

Great job guys!!! That’s excellent. I wish we coulda’ figured out how to hang. :frowning: We just do everything but hang. Lol. Anyways, excellent! two thumbs up

yeah, those would be the ones :slight_smile:

Great job on hanging your robot. The high schools in my area never seemed to get their robots to hang… they would shoot their harpoon over but could never get it caught on the robot.

Well, the funny thing is, the robot broke as soon as we hung it, so now it doesn’t hang again.

Nobody hurt the design guy!


C’mon Daniel, let’s you and me team up and beat down on that design guy. :wink: We’ll show him. :smiley: Nah, j/k Seriously now, any flawed design shows inspiration, initiative, and planning far beyond having no design at all. There are no mistakes, only learning experiences.

We’ve definately learned from some of our mistakes (although me being the only student who knows how to use inventor well enough to do a robot is a mistake still). We are currently designing a universal transmission using dewalt gearboxes (and maybe dewalt drills if they come in the kit this year) and 6 wheels. Our drive took WAY too long to build, but this year we should be ready.