pic: Guess what's coming up?

Guess what’s coming up?


What? You don’t know what is POWER PUZZLE?

Check the website www.firstlegoleague.org.
The new game will be announced this Wednesday Sept. 5th!

And it’s also the kickoff of the Junior FIRST LEGO League season! Be sure to show your support of JFLL in their first official season!

Is that the Tech Museum of Innovation in San Jose?

It looks like their giftshop and surrounding area…

That reminds me of the giant LEGO block in “Honey I Shrunk the Kids”!

If I had blocks like that when I was growing up I wouldn’t have wanted cardboard boxes. :wink:

…FLL, EARLY, and BEST are soon to start! Am I the only one excited?!?


I’m guessing LEGO Store. Maybe somewhere in NYC?

Sad thing is is we don’t have a lego store out here so me wonders where Rich really is.

Personally I think Wayne Selinsky messed up with his shrinking machine and not only shrunk the kid next to the spindle but blew up the lego next to Rich.

Half correct Mike and Elgin!
The place is the LEGO Imagination Center, Lake Buena vista, FL.

After my son set me back $150+ in LEGO- Star Wars Theme toys, I was lucky to get out alive.

See I knew Rich wasn’t in NY =), I should get a prize! $150 worth of S.W. Lego Toys that sounds like he only got a couple of different sets nevertheless isn’t Legos cheap anymore?

Its our new game hint. We are flying kites and lifting huge lego blocks.

No no no… it’s a game hint for the FLL. The game this year for FLL will have legos! Who’s with me on this hint?

maybe the next FRC playing piece…?

or Wong is shrinking again…

WC :mad: :mad:

The FRC Game will be made up of Giant Legos, The goal to put them together and form and object, bonus points awarded for creativity. It will be like Stack Attack w/o dead reckoning =p I guess the same game can apply to FLL, JFLL

Stop making fun of my old age!

Hmmm… giant LEGO bricks for the 2009 FRC game… hmmmm… sponsorship from LEGO… hmmmm

Is it just me or is that lego brick made of jell-o?

It is pretty solid plastic, but the store does carry a LEGO ice tray, LEGO baking pan, and LEGO Jello mold!

Did you like the water dragon and the tourist people?

And the giant T-Rex, the giant robot, giant shark, the giant crab, the giant fish (reminded me of an FLL game) and the city of Moscow, Paris, NYC (with alligator & King Kong), London, Hong Kong (dragons in the water)…

So who’s coming to Mount Olive High School for the NJ competition? We are once again happy to be host to all the teams out there. :]