pic: guess who

stumbled upon this…and couldn’t resist putting it on here

I see a couple of guys who didn’t come through on their blackmail payments or something…

FIRST…the only organization in the world that could make respected professionals look like…well…THAT.

Please Andy, tell me how how anyone is supposed to look “professional” at Bash at the Beach!

A little history about this picture. This is from 2001’s post-season event, Bash at the Beach. Aidan and I neeeded to spice up the typical Buzz uniform, so we purchased the shirts and hats at Kohls the night before. I think we paid under $10 bucks for the set.

I still have the hat, adorned with more pins than it should reasonably hold. Actually, I have both of the hats (I have no idea why…) The shirt, unfortunately, was donated to my younger sister for some school event. I can promise you that Aidan still has his!

Katie, I’ll get you the rest of the money after I file for my tax return, honestly!


And to think all the time I’ve spent looking for that hat over the years!