pic: Guess who's back!

Try to guess what team this because we are back in action!! See everyone at competition and good luck to everyone!

It’s great to see 388 back in action. VCU really missed Maximum Oz last year.

lol it shows on your username

Hows that robot turn with those casters? I was never really a big fan of 2wd with casters the steering gets unpredictable.

Now that’s a design you don’t see every day. I’d have to agree with thefro when he says that 2wd systems aren’t the best, what I mean is you could be getting the power from all wheels, when you decide to use 2, but we used that same kind of wheel structure three years ago I believe, and it worked fine–but that wasn’t as rough as this years where people will be constantly bumping. Good luck to you guys.