pic: GUS Team 228 - 2010 Teaser 1

We’re allowed five CIMs, right? :eek:

Home Depot right?? I saw them on sale there a week or so ago.
Vacuum to control “possess” the ball?


ok… So… I really hope your not using 5 CIMs on the suction alone… If you are… I would LOVE to see that drive train! :smiley:

Did you guys have a flood in your house too?

do you have a really dirty machine shop? :wink:

i definitely think this is a vaccum for possesing the ball

I agree, what else could it be???

I’ve got it…vacuum drive! They will move their robot by creating a suction force in the direction that they want to travel.

Maybe they will reverse the vacuum and create a hovercraft :ahh:
That would be awesome!

Close, why not just suck all the balls to us and not even have to move! :eek:

What if that direction is … up? Can you say hanging by vacuum? :yikes: