pic: GUS Team 228 about to score golden tube

Here’s our 2007 robot at Beantown Blitz, about to score the Golden Tube onto the bonus spider leg right before the match ended.

[size=1]Oops, I didn’t notice the referee on the field (meaning the photo was taken shortly after the match) when I first uploaded the picture. :o[/size]

Was this picture taken after the match?

I hope so, because there are people on the field!!

is it just me, or does “Think Pink” appear to have ramps…

That would be the OTHER pink team, 172 also known as Northern Force, from Maine.

and if you look closely it was a mentor match

Good catch on the referee, because I sure missed that when I went to upload the picture. :eek:

I better update the caption… :slight_smile:

Well, I know Jeff has been known to do some weird things, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it was during the match. :wink: