pic: GUS Team 228's 2011 SolidWorks Render

Here’s our 2011 robot, GUS 13!

While the overall design is very much another iteration of our 2007 robot, there’s are hundreds of modifications, new design features and nuances, and other really cool features. An acute eye may notice influences from both East Coast and West Coast design schools on our robot.

Such an awesome work of Art.:stuck_out_tongue:

But you already know I love the bot from FB.

Is the gripper a single piece?

The render doesn’t show the gap between the two pieces:


Gorgeous render. The copious number of pictures of your 2007 robot served as an inspiration for us this season. If you saw a spike in band-width, that was us. :wink:

Great Rendering Art!

Also that looks like a fantastic robot! I hope everything ended up working alright!

I can’t wait to go see it in action when me and some of the guys head up to WPI!

That is beautiful, I can’t really speak to the whole Inventor vs. Solidworks battle much. However, I can say that the renders often look more realistic and pretty like this one!

Does Solidworks give out free FRC student copies like Autodesk does? I would be interested in obtaining a copy and broadening my modeling spectrum if you could point me in the right direction.

Once again, nice work!

Yes Solidworks does, they gave our team 33 copies this season.

Art, this is another fantastic rendering. I love the design of the entire bot. I used to look forward to Lewis’s renderings, now I look forward to seeing yours.

Best of Luck!


Any chance you could spread the wealth :wink: JK. However, can you direct me as to how one would acquire copies for themselves/team?

Marie Parchland, is the Solidworks Rep for FIRST Robotics. If you PM her, she’ll direct you to how you can get a free copy.

As I don’t have link on me.


EDIT EDIT - Nick Beat me to it.

I filled out the registration information, Thanks for the help!

There’s a variety of reasons we use SolidWorks, but mostly they involve several of our mentors have SolidWorks experience and one of our machine shop sponsors uses SolidWorks for all their production runs.

I don’t know if we ever got any “glamor shots” of our robot before we crated 'em up (we missed a cumulative week due to snow days), but our students have [finally!] updated our website photo galleries for the 2011 season. They’re still missing a lot of photos, and many still have to be tagged, but here’s the link:


Here’s the most completed whole photo of our competition robot (taken several days before ship) we currently have on our website: