pic: Gus's CNC hard at work Pic2


Making some parts on our 2 week old machine!

How much did it cost? We are looking to buy on for our school.


Oh good, we’re not the only team who does that style of lightning hole on a cnc rather than a waterjet. Looks beautiful. What do you use for the g-code?


Tormach lists all their prices on their website.

And once you price out a machine with stand/computer/tool changer/power draw bar. You may want to think about a haas. :cool:

We use a use Vetric Cut2D and HSMXpress to generate our g-code

We have a Morei Seiki mv35/40 from the mid 80’s and it originally used punch cards and magnetic tape for gcode. Now we have a usb to serial converter and use Mastercam X5 or X6 (don’t remember which, possibly both). If you think yours is a pain to set up, be thankful. It’s a beast of a machine and we have used it for 90% of our frame this year. Hopefully we can set up gcode “drip feed” (it only has enough memory to run parts of parts at once. We also have a 4th axis we haven’t set up but may use in the off season of this year.