pic: H.O.M.E.R.

i think this is the only good pic of our bot on ChiefDelphi

nice job

I don’t remember ever seeing you use that end effector, what is the purpose of the two angled pieces at the top?
also I like the way you have the three tubes welded in a triangle on the probe section of the effector i’m assuming that this is help prevent left to right swinging of the tetra, am I correct?

I also <3 the end effector and part of me (the very tiny egotistical part, mind you;)) would like to think that 22 drew some inspiration from us when we came down for the Southern California Regional. We were able to grab and stack 2 consistently when everything was mechanically sound in our robot, albeit with a much more inconsistent system, which ultimately proved to be our downfall. 22 originally had a gripper just like 254’s and they proved to be adept with that as well, but I remember them being concerned with the idea of stacking two tetras with a new design. I also remember watching one of their matches in Atlanta as soon as I could get home after practice on the Friday afternoon and seeing them seemingly stack 2 and going :ahh:. The beauty of this was that they didn’t have to change the robot significantly at all!

Said it before and I’ll say it again, we cant wait for 22 to come back up here next year, almost as much as we wish we were down there now, or at least at championships.

To keep tetras from getting stuck on the arm.

254’s original “grabber” had problems with that, and they solved it with a kite shaped frame around the prong that stuck out, so that the tetras were supported and had a very hard time getting stuck.

Looks like 22 modded that design and came up with the one shown here.

Cory is right. We had problems with tetras getting stuck or if we raised the arm high it would slide down the arm. Thats why we have the two angled tubes on the top. They are welded at the same angle as the tetra, 120 deg. We also made everything longer so that we could hold onto two tetras at the same time. The two tubes to make the triangle was actually thought up and done in Atl. It was to, you are correct, reduce swinging. It worked well enough.

Oh and by the way the three tubes used to be one and i had the idea of having the two lower tubes welded on even though other people did not believe that it would make a difference.

P.S. Thanks AL (who is from 254) for the good welding job on the tubes even though you thought it was a stupid idea.

Team 22 was absolutely amazing. They were our pit neighbors also, so we saw a lot of their robot. I was absolutely shocked when I hears you and stang were knocked out. You guys easily coudlve gone all the way… GOOD LUCK NEXT YEAR