Pic: Hab Platform Testing

Our awesome Field Element fabrication team finished the team versions of the Hab Platform yesterday (yes you read that right, on Kickoff day, I’m just as shocked), so we brought out last years bot to test how the drive system handles on the new elements.

A few takeaways we observed:

  • While the bumper zone is between 0" - 7.5" above the floor, if you intend to traverse the lowest platform ramp, you’re basically required to mount your bumpers at the max height.
  • While the middle (6pt) platform appears simple enough to climb up onto (potentially with something basic like a deployable wedge), again, the bumpers prove problematic.
  • The tallest (12pt) platform will basically require some sort of active mechanism in order to climb independent of any assistance from other robots
  • Given the geometry of the platforms and the extension limits of the robots, “Ramp Bots” are absolutely an option this year for assisting partners getting up on the tall platform (the ramp angle isn’t even that bad).

Hope that helps anyone who hasn’t built these elements yet when making design decisions. :wink: