pic: Hacked Google Camera #1


So this was the Team 698 Teaser. We took the camera google donated, then rewired the camera to run off of two relays (one to turn the camera on and one to take the pictures) those two relays were then powered by spikes. The camera is powered off of a car GBA adapter about 4.5 VDC from 12 VDC. It was a fun, cool, outside project.

Tell me what you guys think. Thanks!

whatd you do it for?

My guess:
it looks like one spike is powering the camera to be within the rules, the second seems to be going into “magic box” Which is probably a circuit that, when powered by the spike, takes pictures.

Am i right? :smiley:

Whoo, sure hope that the spike never goes in reverse due to a programming error!

If you look at the previous Team 698 Teaser from 2006 you can see the “magic box”.
You are correct, but it does more than you think. The camera is powered off of a GBA car adapter 12VDC to 4.5VDC (two AAA batteries at 1.5VC each adds to 3VDC, 4.5VDC is unloaded). The GBA adapter runs straight to the 20 AMP breaker. The first spike is for the ‘mode’ button on the camera. (so we can turn the camera back on if it shuts off) The second spike controls the picture taking function or the shutter.

So are you planning on attaching this to your robot to turn it into a poof-ball assault/recon vehicle?

pretty cool idea!