pic: Hacked Google Camera Picture #2


So this was the Team 698 Teaser. We took the camera google donated, then rewired the camera to run off of two relays (one to turn the camera on and one to take the pictures) those two relays were then powered by spikes. The camera is powered off of a car GBA adapter about 4.5 VDC from 12 VDC. It was a fun, cool, outside project.

Tell me what you guys think about it.

urrrrrm… Is it being used to take pics from the robot? :confused:


One provides camera power and the other flips the shutter?

Amazing. Do you guys actually take any photos from the field?

We take pictures from the field, but the spike does not power camera, that’s what the GBA adapter is for, because no other power source can be used except the 12V battery and the 7.2V backup battery. The camera requires you to hold the mode button to turn it on(one spike) and another spike to take the picture. The reason we have the blue relays is because the spike have an output of 12 VDC and that would fry an electronic circuit in the camera, so a secondary is needed to be used to complete the circuit.

Very cool idea! You actually had weight for this? :stuck_out_tongue:

you couldn’t simply turn in on before the start of a match?

We had some problems where the camera would auto shut-off before we could get a picture in.

It would be really interesting to see a slideshow of pictures taken every 5 seconds or so during a match, from the robot’s point of view (Especially if it tipped over :slight_smile: