pic: HALO 3 overdrive(1)


OMG!! This is amazing, I always wanted to see a simulator or game of this years game. This is a great idea… but how do you get the balls down?

with grav hammers frrom the back of the mongoose(the ATV).

:ahh: this is awesome is it a real map of computer generated?

How do I get in on playing this map?

You guys have to; first off have halo 3, with xbox live gold (i think dunno if u can file share w/ silver); have bought the halo 3 heroic map packs off the marketplace; find this guy via his gamertag; then download if via file share and you should be able to play this…

Looks pretty awsome…if i had the heroic maps i would totally download this but sadly im cheap and dont feel like buying them so il wait till there free…

um, that is amazing, but i think someone has no life :smiley:

and likes robotics :stuck_out_tongue:

I wanted to do it, but my Xbox got the three rings of death so I am waiting to get it back. But its really really cool :smiley:

That is awesome and yet so so sad.

What is your gamertag? I must have these…

can we play this

that is insane, can you make that for CS??

Does someone know the gamertag of the creator? or of anyone that has it?

Wow how long do u guys think that had to take? Im slow at makin maps (im horrible at it 2)

It would take some time to make that map that is why we need the gamertag of the creator I dont want to try and recreate it :smiley: