pic: HALO 3 overdrive(2)


GT: justsomekid
Link to file share:
:yikes: thanks for all the good feedback :yikes:

ZOMG :yikes:

coolest thing ive ever seen:D :smiley: :smiley:

wow, I really can’t believe you did that.

Link to file share, I want to explore.

YES dude that is awsome.
Use some gausshogs on that map.

Yo whats your Xbox live tag i need to see this map!
Mines Padre Vez

GT: StrongSide

8 o
Did you make that? That’s AWESOME!!!

LOL dude that is amazing and overall gangsterr :smiley:

LOLZORZ :slight_smile:

are any of you guys actually good at Halo?

Never played it:p

That’s so great. It would probably work better in Garry’s Mod cause people could use the gravity gun to control the ball. That was one of our team’s concepts, too bad it runs off of it’s own power supply…

Yeah, I recently bought a 360, so I just started playing Halo 3. I’ve been playing with my friends for a while at LAN parties so I dominate on XBox Live with everyone my rank. It’s good.

Gamertag : Danulas. If you friend me, send me a message telling me you’re from Chief Delphi.

My friend has halo and he wants to know how u made that

im pretty decent at halo… but i dont have the new maps:( , so yeah… but that is a great forge map! pretty sweet!

Dude, that’s epic.

What’s your gamertag? me wanna boun- err, I mean download!

Thats awesome! now just make a robot that has a gun on it and i will give you some real props, lol. Nice work

Most Epic thing i have ever seen lol hahaha

Beat you to it :smiley: . i had to make a video for a presentation to our sponsors. disregard the monotonous voice in the background…maybe i should hire someone next time instead of doing it myself! as soon as iget youtube working again, ill post the video i made.

show some love for halo and GHOUSE :smiley:

That’s sweet! Please put a link to your fileshare so we all can enjoy it.

OMG Freaking sweet