pic: HALO 3 overdrive(2)

y is that a chaleng because i happen to be a beast at halo
i am actually in a clan my name is {rvb}God maybe i have beat you

I am a very good halo player, don’t play anymore though because H3 is trash until it gets a patch

I will take anyone 1v1 in H2.


Are the corners in that stage square? Don’t believe they’re supposed to be…

Great job. I was going to do something like that, but lately I’ve been too busy helping build my robot, to play halo

Im ranked as a private on live.

:cool: i Know this took me a week to make. I make almost all my maps in about an hour. so I did this on my spare time every day about 10 min before I hit the sack so i can finish it.:cool:

Ho-ly-cow I want to play! :yikes:

chuckle now just put a crap load of grunts all over… give me a warthog… :smiley:


The only problem i see here is the question is if the field proportional to the actual field? to me, it looks a bit wide. When i made my map for the movie, i made sure that the short side was in a 1:2 ratio to the longer side, since the field is 27x54

Ya I am really good at Halo I got a 46 in about two weeks my gamertag is KSI EnvyMyGame but I might be changing it soon so I will correct it if I do. Also put that your from Chief Delphi if you request me

show some love for the designs there flipin cool man :slight_smile:

Make a vid of the map with gameplay!!! That would be the most awesome!!! :smiley:

Oh man… I have got to get a X box and Halo 3!

:] good point but this is made for a game variant and it was to tight for the atv and the ghost to fit in at once so I made it wide so you can play a real game halo game variant in it. so thats why its so wide.:]

I think i can die happy


What role do Plasma Grenades play on this map?

:confused: why do you say that???:confused: