pic: Hammond in the 99 calendar

I think the pic is from 97…

I think this is 1998;
from their website: 1998 - “S.O.B.” - Son Of BeattyJuice

though I would like to see their 1997 bot…never seen it, heard a lot about it but if anyone has a pic could you post it?

This picture is from 1997. Chief Delphi placed 2nd at the Nationals in a very stragetic finals match, best 2 orf 3. Hammond had a great machine. I think it was their first year of competition.

Mike M.
Beatty Hammond is the same age as us (this is their 10 year anniversary also!) - they were in their 2nd year back in 97 when we met them in the finals, what a great time that was!
Mike A.

ok cool…then some is amiss with that name on the back… :slight_smile:

they started in 96 with a robot named BeattyJuice. they then had Son of BeattyJuice in 97…in the calendar you can see that the 98 machine was called B3…sometime after this they went to the Beast nomenclature.

if i recall correctly Beatty seeded first in 96 at nationals during their rookie year. it seems they were on top from the start!