pic: HaMosad 1657 2005 Robot

Israel regional winner, shiny.

thats a crazy arm lol its cool though.

Read and think before you post.

Was the one bar out front give the lift enough rigidity? The biggest problem I’ve seen with scissor lifts is leaning over when extended. That single bar looks to be a simple solution to a bothersome problem.


Great job to team 1657.

This reminds me of another great robot from far away. Team 359, from Hawaii, has a similar scizzor lift and scores very well. They were at the Las Vegas regional and they are attending the Championships. Your two teams should get together in Atlanta and compare your very similar robots.

Andy B.

I fear you won’t see us at Atlana. Although we won first place, there was some serius mix up that caused to a strange situation in which there are two teams who won first place in israel. That prevented us from sending our crate on time. You will see team’s 1577 wonderful robot, and I warn you, they’re good.

Ouch… that stinks. Are you still coming? If you are, we could have that robot building party that was planned for 759 in NYC!


At over 1800$ per plane ticket alone, it’s a bit much to raise on such short notice, and without the robot, it would all be too depressing…

It truley is a great robot to watch though, fast, caps well, and incredible drivers… If you want I can rummage through some footage of the regional and upload a few videos.
sigh shame we won’t be making it to nationals, and since the majority of the team are seniors, we never will (not to mention we can’t return as college students next year, because we’ll be in the army)… well, good luck anyway teams!

That robot looks strangely familiar…


Great job on getting a working scissor lift!

Congratulations on the win. Some footage would be great. It’s nice to see teams there doing so well. Good luck for the years to come.

man that sucks…i was looking forward to seeing that bot too. well i guess some footage would suffice. and it also sucks that the team wont be here to have a build part because i would be right there helping you guys out.

congrats on your win though.

its not an arm!! its scissor jacks! lol sorry, my teams robot has scissor jacks and i hate it when scouters come up to us and see robot right infront of them, they look down at there sheet and read “how does ur arm work?”