pic: Hanging (or should I say "curling")


At first I thought this was a doctored photo, but close inspection and thinking about the title of the picture made me finally “get it”

Very cool hanging style.

Joe J.

thx for the compliment… all we have to worry about now is our battery falling out and crashing to the floor… j/k

That’s one robot that won’t fall of the bar easily. Our battery is half in an aluminum tray and there’s velcro straps over the top to hold it in and allow quick changes. One end of the velcro is pop riveted to the tray.

Thanks Joe,

Yeah that was my funky idea to curl instead of pulling up. It allowed us to use the same joint for ball handling and hanging, thus eliminating some wgt. Even though I believe we are still at around 130.5 lbs at ship, A little more drilling and we’ll have it. The latching mechanism was the trickey part, we only had about a pound left to design it, so that eliminated motors & air. We actually use gravity as force used to actuate the latch, since we are rotating. It seems to work well. Stop by and see us at the Great lakes or Western. :slight_smile:

neat!.. looks kinda crazy… robots working out

i feel stupid but i dont really understand how thats working…can u post a pic of the robot not on the bar like in its normal form?

yo chocolateluvrlr, we’ve posted three other pics of our robot, all posted on 2-26-04 by dan 322. basically what’s happening is our body is rotating around the arm, powered by two fischer motors.

WHOA! did I miss something in the rules?

do we get extra points for altitiude?

that gives me the willies seeing your bot that far off the ground

and downside up

hope you have your team number on the bottom of your robot :c)

Good Idea, i think we should put our numbers on the bottom. Our a sign that says “If you can read this, we just scored 50” :slight_smile:

do we get extra points for altitiude?

If so, a few teams at VCU would have gotten crazy points compared to everyone else.