pic: Happy 10th Anniversary River Rage!

This cake was made available to all who wanted to share in the festivities at River Rage.
Mmmm… cake = good! :slight_smile:

River Rage 10 - October 28th, 2006.
Happy 10th Anniversary River Rage!

You and cakes, Elgin…

Did you make this one, too?

Umm… apparently I don’t bake, or even eat cakes that much.
I just photograph them.

I didn’t even get to have a piece of this one from River Rage. :frowning:
Nor did I have a piece of the one in my Who Am I pic either. (I don’t think.)

I don’t know. lol

Ok, so going back a few years… who else thinks this cake reminds them of the 2001 Disney pins?
Is it mere coincidence that the arm design is similar in the 10th anniversary of FIRST pin design and the 10th anniversary of River Rage cake design?



I have that! Bought it on ebay for a buck…

I bought one of those on ebay as well as the 2002 one which had a spinning FIRST logo.

Of course, I can’t find a pic online of that one, but the 2000 pin which I also won off of ebay and is still selling there is shown below:


Who knew when I posted the pic of the cake from River Rage that this would turn into a lengthy discussion about FIRST pins as well.

Certainly not me. :stuck_out_tongue: :rolleyes: