pic: Happy 4th of July

Not a bad way to spend the 4th of july… At the VIP only Saturn V facility location on launch day. Behind me is Discovery on STS-121. I’ll try to get some more pics and video up later. Happy Independence Day!

Very Cool Barry

looks like an awsome way to spend the fourth…but where may I ask is your umbrella hat? :smiley:

I am soooooooo jealous :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

I’m not sure the webcast gave it justice. Man, I wish I was in Florida.


Now tell me Barry… how did a sack of beans such as yourself get VIP access to the Saturn V facility?

Those weird Floridians… always up to no good.

Didn’t you steal that from him at championship? Check your back pocket.

… Aren’t you going to become one in about 2 months? Don’t diss Floridians. In fact, seems like all these FIRSTers (nerds who are girls and from Da cutt) from da cutt are becoming Floridians… first was Lisa … and now you…

wow you were recognized without your hat on!!!

Hey now, it’s a true statement; FIRSTers in Florida are a little bit odder than other FIRSTers. (Of course, their awesomeness grows to match as well–how else do you explain so many great teams down there?)

Of course, as much as I seem to be down there historically (only missed one competition in the state, regional or off-season, since Championship 2004), I guess I should start worrying that it’s rubbing off on me! :yikes:

Barry!!! you and working at NASA… I’m jealous…okay I can’t be that jealous b/c I’m in the system too but I’m glad you got to see it that close.

Not wearing the umbrella hat or hat with ears…oooohhhh my the world will end now :wink: (just teasing)

I’m glad to see the shuttle went off and I hope for a safe return for the crew.
It was a great 4th of july to remember.

:slight_smile: Hats off to all of NASA and well to the world. Slowly step by step we’re getting on track to explore further beyond our home planet peacefully.

and just to add Florida FIRSTers are way cool. We know how to have fun and build really cool robots and of course make a difference around us. :slight_smile:

Billfred, you are a Florida FIRSTer to me even though you live a couple of states away. It is always nice to see you.

my nephews were freaking out when they saw the shuttle go off for about a minute then they were like ok lets go and florida firsters are the awesomest :smiley:

It’s also still really cool if you’re kinda far away-ish. I live in the middle of the state and you can see it from my front lawn, basically you can see the fire from the engines and the smoke trail. It’s pretty beautiful.

Anyway, Barry I hope you had fun watching the launch. You should of come to our after party =P

That is so cool! I would love to be present for a shuttle launch. Someday, someday…

That’s awesome. Shuttle launches are just amazing. I could watch them over and over and I don’t think they’d ever get old. Even in today’s technological age, shuttle launches still get me every time.

Yeah, it would be really cool to see one. I saw an engine test at the Stennis Space Center in Mississippi, but that’s nothing compared to the actual launch… :rolleyes:

Yeah, but better still will be the day when anyone can be on board for a launch! :smiley:

wow…you had a much better view then me…though it was a pretty awesome view I had…the front row seat to my tv…oks soo you had a much better veiw…that must have been amazing!3 miles away…at VIP…i hope you had tons of fun!
Oh, not to mention later that night those fireworks must have been awesomedoes cheer Sounds like you had a pretty sweet day.
I think I’m gonna have to move to Flordia. I mean Flordians are way cool, and they do know how to work great teams, but some teams couldnt do without us people in the north :wink: isnt that right barry? :smiley:

hmm… you almost had a point there, Arefin.

  1. I never said that I wasn’t up to no good. :wink:

  2. I like weird people.

Therefore, Florida is where I belong.

I watched tghe launch from Atlantic beach in Jacksonville, it was pretty cool.

I was actually closer to it than Barry. I was in front of him. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just kidding.

It is an incredible Site. If seeing a shuttle launch is a goal of then better hurry to Florida, all shuttles will be retired in 2011.

Gabe (crazybear) and I were educators this summer for the robotics track of Camp Kennedy Space Center . It was an awesome opportunity, and I am very grateful to Gabe for recommending me. As promised when posting this, I finally have some video up. Jaine asked how I got to that site. We were very fortunate to get to see the shuttle from here, normally I would not be able to. However, on normal days employees can drive around KSC. I filled out about 12 pages of painful security clearance forms, that continually got sent back until everything was done the way they wanted… Gabe’s pass is still cooler than mine. Below are some videos on googlevideo. All of them were taken with the Google camera from the KOP.

STS 121 Launch 4th of July 2006

Vehicle Assembly Building

Launch Control

Launchpad 39A

When the kids aren’t seeing these cool historic sites, they also get to meet an astronaut and do space simulators.

original Mercury astronaut Scott Carpenter

1/6th Chair simulates walking on the moon

Microgravity Wall simulates doing a spacewalk. I will deny this video ever happened or reveal the names of the people involved.

Gabe and I teach 5th-9th grade students basic robotics fundamentals using Mindstorms and Robolab. We also separate the students into groups and give them a challenge. We hold a Competitionat the end of the week that resembles a Lego league event. We teach GP and coopertition. After the competition we hand out information to the parents on how to start a FLL team and offer our personal information if they need help.

One final thing the CD crowd may like is our Starquester robot. It mobile, moves its head, arms, and winks. It is controlled with a big gulp with buttons, and a microphone to make it talk. It has a voice changer equipped. Kids love it!

Long story short, I had a wonderful summer and learned a great deal. The main point I would like to make though is that I would never have gotten this opportunity if it weren’t for FIRST and the friends I’ve made because of it.