pic: Happy Halloween from Team 3309!

Hope you’re all ready to have a great Halloween! Design created by our team president.

Note: we do not advise that you actually try shooting pumpkins with any Rebound Rumble robot.

Friarbots - Team 3309 - Anaheim, CA
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2012 Los Angeles Entrepreneurship Award Winner
2012 Los Angeles Semi-Finalist with 599 and 1138
2012 Central Valley Finalist with 254 and 1323
2012 SCRRF Fall Classic Finalist with 1538 and 3647

Wow! Amazing graphic design!

Thanks! My brother James has quite a knack for it.

By chance, is your signature referring to the Red Green Show?

Yeah. It was originally totally different, but then I left my delphi account open and my friends went at it :stuck_out_tongue:

Idk i feel like our catapult design could launch a pumpkin. No problem. Compared to the pitching machine style that’s most common

Now that’s something I’d like to see!