pic: Happy Holidays & Best Kickoff Wishes from 1712

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Dawgma 1712 would like to wish everyone a very happy new year and good luck during build season!!!

Also, check out our youtube channel:

it’s superfun!!! :smiley:

Off topic, but this is the high school where Kobe Bryant went, correct?

Sorry for the delay in response. This question hasn’t been a high priority for our team, but it is a question we’ll be glad to answer as soon as Kobe is able answer if he went to the high school where Dawgma is from. Let me know if you make any progress on that front … :rolleyes:

A quick check on Wikipedia verifies that Kobe Bryant went to 1712’s high school.

Yes, and a few years ago (Before it was fixed) my math teacher Jimmy Bollman invented Calculus in the year 1978. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry. It was to funny to pass up. True story though. One of his students changed it to prove how untrustworthy the site is.

Wikipedia is plenty trustworthy in this instance. Kobe Bryant is a high trafficked article, and there is a citation which I verified for where he went to high school. Unless the high school’s page is lying about having FRC team 1712 and is taking credit for another school of the same name, the information is accurate.

Disclaimer: I’m a former Wikipedia editor, so I get a little ornery when people automatically dismiss information from it.