pic: Happy Valentine's Day From the Bomb Squad

This is not an official robot hint. But yes, we are using hooks to pick up and fling frisbees.

Y’all and your catapults…

See you on the corner!

Can’t wait to see what you guys bring to Hub City. It’s going to be an interesting experience, with the large number of new teams there.

Oh, and if I had to guess, we are using a similar method of climbing.

Yeah corner climbers!!

How did you machine that angled cut into the plate? That must have required an interesting CNC setup…

It just required a little love I’m sure :wink:

Just a little!

Ya’ll corner climbers be crazy! But you’ll leave us plenty of room up the middle :wink:

I too am impressed with the machining on the end of the hook and would like to know how it was done.

We had some [much needed] help from the machinists at Baxter who have a 5-axis CNC mill that could rotate the part as needed to mill out the angled edges.


Lookin’ awesome 16!

Cant wait to see it Meredith!

Looks like the quality everyone’s come to expect out of the Bomb Squad.
Nice hooks, happy Valentine’s Day to you guys too.