pic: Harmony Dark Sky Festival

The Harmony Dark Sky Festival was held on Saturday, April 9th and the presence of FIRST was noticed by the entire community.

The annual Festival is dedicated to astronomy, but other areas of science and technology have exhibits set up. Telescopes were set up for the public to see stars and planets up close. Also at the event were presentations on stage including people like Jim Harrington former NASA Launch Director and Astronaut Sam Durrance.

Brevard Community College marine robot was also on display as well as underwater robotics races in the Harmony pool. FRC teams helped time and run this event. We are now considering the idea of ROV competition, how cool would that be? “Harmony underwater robotics…”

5 robotics teams were able to make it to the event to run their robots around in the street for all to see. Thanks to teams 1065, 1083, 1390, and 1649 for coming out and making the event more exciting.

1604 Also was able to do a presentation on stage discussing briefly about FIRST and our success at competition. The crowd seemed interested in the robot on stage and asked many questions. At the end we invited students to come up for a closer look at the robot and had a throng of elementary students surrounding it. Principal Vickers of Harmony elementary saw the presentation and is curious how to bring robotics to her students.

I Have a very good feeling about the future of the Town of Harmony, the schools, and team 1604.